Condominiums Punta Nopoló Location

Condominiums Punta Nopoló

condominiums Punta NopolóLoreto is in the eastern stretch of central “Baja California Sur”, a state that runs along the Gulf of California; it is 228 miles nort of La Paz, the state capital, and 756 miles south of California.

Access by air, sea and land helped link this destination with far away places, to become a cosmopolitan “mustgo”, mainly visited by deep-sea fishing enthusiasts looking for the sought-after marine life that roamst the coast.

Loreto is the urban center, and harbors a legacy rich in history and architectural splendor.

Condominiums Punta Nopoló is the tourist-strip, running 2.88 miles beach front property, plus the “Water Oasis”.

Average weather round is warm and dry, with an anual mean temperature of 76º F, a high of 97º F and a low of 62.61ºF.

The Loreto development possesses all the basic services of a fully planed resorts, including, water treatment plants, drinking water, sewer system, flood control channels, electricity, telephone service and an international airport, which receives an average of 1280 flight per year, with visitors coming México and abroad.